Keynote speaker announcement

If you took a look at our Advance Programme, you probably noticed our teaser about who the keynote speakers might be for the conference. So were there any guesses based on our early clues?

To be honest, we figured the first one was a bit of an easy one — Didn’t want to be too tough on you! — but just as a reminder, we mentioned that this executive was from…

the commercial arm of the world’s largest broadcasting corporation, which is now participating in a joint venture with other commercial broadcasters in the UK…

Claude London

And that wasn’t any exaggeration — the “world’s largest broadcasting corporation”.

Well if the BBC was immediately obvious to you then hopefully we’ll give you a greater challenge with some of the others, but in the meantime we’re very pleased to announce that one of our confirmed keynote speakers will be Mr Claude London, Digital Director BBC Worldwide | Kangaroo JV.

We feel very fortunate to secure Claude for the event, because in addition to his extensive responsibilities for the BBC Worldwide and also for the Kangaroo JV, he’s also an established startup advisor very involved in leading edge companies and innovations, in addition to having an established track record as former VP Digital Operations, Warner Music International, and at Bain & Company.

If you’ve got any questions in advance for Claude, note them in the comments here and we’ll be sure to pass them along!

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