Keynote speaker announcement #3: Alec Hendry MTV Networks

Going back to the hints we included in the Advance Programme for the conference, we’re very pleased to confirm that the multinational music and entertainment powerhouse we were referring to is none other than MTV Networks, and we have the pleasure of Alec Hendry delivering another of our keynotes.

MTV Alec is director of digital media operations and development for MTV Networks UK and Ireland, which means he looks across all of the different platforms that consumers interact with MTV on, including online/websites, mobile services, interactive TV and also broadcast TV where MTV employs SMS and interactive TV technologies. Accordingly, it’s Alec who engaged with Garland Partners Limited — a supplier he met in the Streaming Media Europe 2007 Exhibition Hall no less! — to live stream the award-winning 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards. The event and live stream delivered 3.2 million video streams online which reflected 10% of the TV broadcast audience, obviously an enormous success, as validated by its receipt of the “Best Streaming Event of 2007” by the IWA (International Webcasting Association).

Alec HendryWe certainly look forward to learning more about this case study during Alec’s keynote as well as other remarks he’ll make regarding mobile streaming/video services, monetisation, user engagement and other elements which continue to motivate MTV Networks’ investments into streaming.

And as always, let us know if you have questions you want to queue up for Alec in the meantime!

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