Streaming Media Europe: Beyond Skateboarding Dogs

Two terrific keynotes this morning. First, Alec Hendry went into great detail about MTV UK & Ireland’s workflow, both from capture to distribution and among MTV offices in different territories —  much of the content is entered by MTV’s New York offices and then when it’s approved for European distribution, it becomes available to the MTV UK offices, pending any edits that have to be made because of rights considerations (sometimes the music on the U.S. shows isn’t approved for use in the UK). He also talked about how the MTV Overdrive player allows the network to achieve two of its core objectives: “It lets the user control MTV, but lets MTV control the content.” 

Dailymotion\'s Digby Lewis speaks to Streaming Media Europe attendees Friday morning.

Digby Lewis from Dailymotion talked about the company’s standing as the #2 video site in the world, just behind YouTube. “We don’t really view them as competitors, because they’re really in their own universe,” he said. Dailymotion’s strategy now is to focus not so much on user-generated content as on professional and semi-professional filmmakers and content producers. “It’s about more than just skateboarding dogs and copulating kangaroos,” he said. “That stuff might interest people for five minutes, but it’s not content that’s going to keep them engaged.” He also shared a statistic worth reflecting upon. “Video now is where the internet was a few years ago. 60% of users feel overwhelmed by all of the content, while 40% feel they’re able to cope.”


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