Big Changes Coming at Dailymotion?

Le Journal du Net is reporting that Dailymotion is aggressively seeking new financing and that its Chairman and CEO, Mark Zaleski, may be on his way out. Reliable sources suggest he may be replaced by Ian Brotherston, who is, according to his LinkedIn profile, a London-based management consultant currently with Severn Trent Plc and previously with Red Bee Media and Anam Mobile.  Brotherston lists “M&A” and “turnaround” among his specialties, so it would be consistent with the notion that Dailymotion is looking for a serious infusion of cash or perhaps even looking to get acquired.

CNET France is also reporting that the company has been ordered by the TGI of Paris to pay a total of 80,000 euros in back royalties to video creators. All in all, it doesn’t bode well for Dailymotion’s future, which has until recently looked quite bright as it became the closest thing to a YouTube-killer in the European market.

We’ve got a message in to Dailymotion’s press office, and will post more information as we get it. Updated 4/24/09: Dailymotion has confirmed that Zaleski has stepped down, and that Brotherston will be replacing him.

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