Where is Video Monetisation Headed?

At this year’s Streaming Media Europe in London I moderated a panel that explored the future of monetisation. What struck me as both funny and scary was that publishers are still struggling with the same questions and challenges they have been for nearly a decade; for instance, it’s been accepted wisdom for years that simply repurposing television spots for online use isn’t the most effective way to advertise, but yet everyone is still doing it. Thankfully, our panelists—Chris Gorell Barnes from Adjust Your Set, Adam Gerber from Quantcast, Chris Johnston from Brightcove, and Colleen Kearney from Turner Broadcasting Europe—offered real insights into ways publishers might shake off the chains of convention and find new ways to use video as a way to generate revenue. (Hint: The video itself is rarely going to be the thing that people will pay for.)

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I'm the editor of Streaming Media magazine and StreamingMedia.com, and programme director for Streaming Media Europe. I speak frequently at European events, including IBC, the Nordic Media Summit in Copenhagen, and the Streaming Video Summit in Munich.

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