Live Webcasting for Corporate Events: TalkPoint’s Simon Frusher Shares his Thoughts

Simon Frusher, Director of EMEA Operations for TalkPoint has been producing live webcasts for over 15 years and will be moderating a session on live webcasting for corporate events at the upcoming Streaming Media Europe conference.

What will you be talking about at Streaming Media Europe? Why have you chosen this subject?

I started my career in event staging and have always been involved in face-to-face events. I think there are a range of possibilities of how webcasting can enhance the live event sector, so I’m excited to discuss the power of timely delivery and how it can enhance the impact of an event. Event companies and clients need to see what is now available in the marketplace.

Name some key challenges faced by your clients, and tell us how you are overcoming them?

We have a diverse client base, with some understanding the benefits of webcasting more than others! We approach clients in a consultative manner to make sure that a webcast is suited to their specific needs.

What do you see as major trends in streaming media?

Mobile delivery has definitely been on the rise, and this has been one of our standard offerings for more than two years.

What do you enjoy the most about your job in this industry?

It’s a pleasure to help companies enhance their communication and to enable people to participate in events where travel might have prohibited their involvement.

What is the best reason to attend Streaming Media Europe?

As an attendee, exhibitor and panellist, it’s always good to catch up with old friends, discuss current industry trends and to see the field growing from strength to strength each year. 

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