Meet our Streaming Forum Speaker: Duncan Burbidge


Duncan Burbidge, CEO, Stream UK

Duncan Burbidge co-founded Stream UK in 2001 and has grown it into the UK’s largest independent streaming media company. Here he tells us a little bit about himself and what he will talk about at Streaming Forum 2013.

Tell us a little about you, your background and your current role.

I was one of two founders of StreamUK way back in 2001, before that I worked in Management Consultancy on projects like the collapse of ex-Soviet steel mining.  I’m married with four children, play chess and run for Highgate Harriers.

What will you be talking about at Streaming Forum? Why have you chosen this subject?

I’m discussing what it means to make online video preferred to traditional television.  Although the boundaries are already blurred, the question brings into focus how additional information should be presented to the user.

Name some key challenges faced by your clients, and tell us how you are overcoming them?

The proliferation of devices is the key challenge.  We have a policy to support 99.9% of all devices that view popular websites.  By tracking those and plotting results we are able to predict not only which devices we need to ready ourselves for, but which devices (and browsers) we can safely remove from our testing process.

What do you see as major trends in streaming media?  

The inclusion of visualised data within the player and the use of this data to index the video.  Everyone wants to efficiently view the video and the parts of that video that are most relevant to them, properly integrated data helps them do just that. 

What’s the do you enjoy the most about your job in this industry?

Working with some very smart people and being able to make decisions that give direction to the growth of our company.  We’re now nearly 50 people, debt-free, cash-flow funded and privately owned. I’m very proud of that.

Duncan will be moderating the session  which will take place Wednesday 19 June 2013 1.30-2.15pm. The panel also includes Simon Banoub, Marketing Director, Opta Sports, UK, Howard Kitto, Group Chief  Technology Officer, Perform Group, UK and Simon Nixon, Client Services Director, Aqueduct, UK.

About Streaming Forum

A new, cutting edge Conference for pioneers, practitioners and decision makers -- To ensure that we continue to play our part as effectively as possible in bringing the key players and thought leaders together under one roof in a high-touch, high-energy event, our 2013 conference will focus on the streaming media game-changers that will continue to drive our industry to new heights in the coming years, with a special emphasis on key hot spots.
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