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Streaming Media Europe – Chairman’s Highlights Part 1

Streaming Media Europe takes place next month in London. Programme Director Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen tells us what he’s looking forward to at this year’s conference. Here’s the first installment.

I’m thrilled with the way this year’s programme came together. We’ve got two terrific keynotes, and a roster of top-notch panellists and presenters. Also, attendees have been asking for more ‘how-to” sessions, and we’ve delivered. I’m especially excited about these sessions in particular:

Streaming Media as an Essential Component to Broadcasting

As more viewers watch TV with mobile phone or tablet in hand, major broadcasters are finding ways to leverage online video as an important part of their overall engagement strategy. Kate Quilton from the UK’s Channel 4 will show how they’ve used streaming media as a companion to broadcast for major TV events across multiple platforms.

MPEG DASH: Opportunities and Impacts on Adaptive Streaming

As MPEG DASH emerges as an open, interoperable standard for adaptive streaming, it poses as many challenges as it does opportunities. We’ve got a great panel of speakers from Microsoft, Anevia, SyncTV, Interlake Media, and Ericsson ready to discuss and debate the impact MPEG DASH will have on online video’s future.

Streaming Media Europe 2012, 16-17 October (Preconference Workshops: 15 October), Olympia Conference Centre, London UK 


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Video Search and Recommendation: Finding Content in a Thousand-Channel Universe

With the arrival of ‘video everywhere’ and increasing online video viewership, what role does search need to play to make it easier for consumers to find what they want to watch? Indexing and chapterising video to make it easily searchable can make the content much more valuable and effective, but that alone won’t increase consumption. With the recent improvements in search technology and advances in video recommendation, video searching is quickly becoming crucial to today’s content economy. Watch this discussion from Streaming Media Europe 2010 and learn how some of today’s search services work and what’s being developed to make them even better.

Moderator: Tim Siglin, Chairman, Braintrust Digital
Thomas Dvorak, Chief Marketing Officer, APRICO Solutions
Justin Hayward, Managing Director, Make It Rain
Stephen Tallamy, Product Owner and Technical Lead, LocateTV (A division of NDS)
Michael Woodley, CTO, Doovle Ltd.

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Where is Video Monetisation Headed?

At this year’s Streaming Media Europe in London I moderated a panel that explored the future of monetisation. What struck me as both funny and scary was that publishers are still struggling with the same questions and challenges they have been for nearly a decade; for instance, it’s been accepted wisdom for years that simply repurposing television spots for online use isn’t the most effective way to advertise, but yet everyone is still doing it. Thankfully, our panelists—Chris Gorell Barnes from Adjust Your Set, Adam Gerber from Quantcast, Chris Johnston from Brightcove, and Colleen Kearney from Turner Broadcasting Europe—offered real insights into ways publishers might shake off the chains of convention and find new ways to use video as a way to generate revenue. (Hint: The video itself is rarely going to be the thing that people will pay for.)

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Project Canvas and Red Bee Media to Keynote Streaming Media Europe

The final programme for Streaming Media Europe—and its satellite events, the Content Delivery Summit and Online Video Strategies—will be posted soon, complete with the entire roster of speakers, but I’m pleased to announce the two keynotes for the conference.

Anthony Rose, CTO Project Canvas

Anthony Rose, CTO, Project Canvas

Anthony Rose, CTO of Project Canvas—the joint venture among Arqiva, BBC, BT, Channel 4, ITV, and Talk Talk to build an internet-connected TV platform—will keynote day one. Project Canvas provides this description of his talk:

Steve Plunkett, Red Bee Media

Steve Plunkett, Red Bee Media

Project Canvas is set to transform the daily viewing experience of UK television audiences and influence IPTV deployments globally when it launches in the early part of 2011. It will unlock a world of content and services, combining live channels with on-demand, bringing web-based services and interactive extras to the living room TV. Anthony Rose explains how Canvas is creating the right environment for Connected TV to thrive in the UK and beyond.

Day two offers Steve Plunkett, Director of Customer Innovation for Red Bee Media, which provides technology and creative solutions to help broadcasters, content rights holders, and brand owners engage with their audiences in traditional and new ways, including web and mobile. Red Bee Media’s client list includes Discovery International, BBC, Virgin Media, Nike, Lonely Planet, Motorola, and Siemens, and they’ve worked with media brands across the globe, including Sky Italia, TV Globo (Brazil), Star News India, and Canal+ (France). Plunkett will be discussing “Video Everywhere and In Everything:”

Check back soon for more details on all of our events—we’ve got speakers from Adobe, Akamai, Amazon, BT, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, the Football Association, GlaxoSmithKline, Limelight, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Zattoo, and many more.

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Video: Reaching Multiple Screen Convergence

All of the panel sessions at this year’s Streaming Media Europe were filmed, and every week we’ll be featuring one here on the blog. This week it’s the session “Reaching Multiple Screen Convergence: Streaming to the PC, Mobile, Television, and Gaming Devices.” The concept of seamlessly transferring a video session between the television, PC, mobile, and/or gaming device at the consumer’s will is multiple-screen nirvana. This session provides a look at how close we are to reaching this goal and what strategies network operators and content publishers can employ to encourage adoption while monetising these new services.

Speakers are:
• Martin Sutherland, Director, European Sales, Vantrix (moderator)
• Pierre-Yves Le Berre, VP, Business Development, Anevia
• James A. Neufeld, Product Specialist,
• Jim Taylor, Chief Technologist, Sonic Solutions International Digital Media Alliance (IDMA)

If there’s still any doubt about multiple screen—and multiple device—convergence, take note that Jim Taylor was until recently best-known for his work in the optical media field and is the man behind DVD Demystified.

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Disney: One Studio, Many Screens

Like most studios and media & entertainment companies, Disney is embracing the opportunities and rising to the challenges of getting its content to multiple screens and devices—PC, TV, set-top boxes, game consoles, and mobiles. Leading the charge for Disney is Myles MacBean, VP and general manager for Disney Online Europe Middle-East Africa, and he’ll be speaking on the topic next month in his keynote at Streaming Media Europe.

I had a chance to sit down with Myles for a video call using the ooVoo service, which offers free two-way video chat and premium options that allow for chats among up to six people. Myles and I talked about a wide range of topics, including:

  • The impact that Disney’s focus on youth audiences has on its multiple-screen strategy
  • The necessity of taking a holistic approach to the creation and delivery of multiple-screen content, and keeping multiple screens in mind from the beginning of the content creation process

Apologies for the slightly out-of-sync audio.

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    Hitting the Target with Online Video Advertising

    Depending on who’s talking, online video advertising is either in dire straits or just about to turn the corner. paidContent:UK has a story today pointing out that, though web advertising is still growing,  the UK online ad spend only grew 17% in 2008 versus 38% in 2007. Given the economic situation, that’s no surprise; the good news is that analysts across the board are predicting that online ad spending should stablise in 2009 while other forms continue to decline.

    That’s due in part to the fact that online video advertising offers narrow targeting that television simply can’t match. In this video from Streaming Media Europe 2008, advertisers and advertising technology providers discuss online video advertising’s opportunities and challenges, and how to maximise that targeting capability. Moderator is Coull CEO Ifron Watkins, who was chair of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2007-2008; panelists are Nationwide Building Society senior advertising and promotions manager Nicola Sztuka, TurnHere Inc. CEO and founder Brad Inman, TicTacTi Ltd. founder and CEO Eyal Margalit, and Real Time Content CTO Ian Cameron.

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    Video: Streaming Media, The View from Financiers

    With the global economic crisis still on the top of everyone’s minds, it’s a good time to take a look at one of the best-attended panels from last month’s Streaming Media Europe. James Enck moderated a discussion among a panel of financiers—Alain-Gabriel Courtines from Intel Capital, Taavet Hinrikus from Ambient Sound Investments, and Frederic Court from Advent Venture Partners—about what 2009 holds in store for venture capital and merger & acquisition activity in the online video space.

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    Streaming Media Europe Videos Now Available

    Videos from all of the breakout sessions at this year’s Streaming Media Europe are now available here. Unfortunately, we’re not able to present videos of the keynote sessions, but if you take a look at the player, you’ll see that all 18 sessions are now online for viewing; you can also embed links to individual session videos on your own sites if you wish. I’ll be highlighting and discussing individual session videos in future posts.

    Also, speaker presentations from the sessions and several of the pre-conference workshops are now available on the Streaming Media Europe programme page. If a particular presentation you’re looking for isn’t there, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to track it down.

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    Live From Streaming Media Europe Later Today

    Thanks to Stream UK and Global-MIX, we’ll be webcasting the closing session from Streaming Media Europe live from London at 16:15 GMT/4:15 p.m. EDT. The session, “What the Future Holds,” will feature Jake Ward from Broadview moderating and Mark Little from Ovum Research, and Dan Cryan from Screen Digest, two of the leading analysts of online video trends. 

    They’ll be looking at what we should expect over the next few years in terms of technological advances, business challenges and opportunities, and audience demographics. Click here for the Windows Media webcast at 16:15 GMT/4:15 p.m. EDT.



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