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Formats, Protocols and Standards Focus at Streaming Forum 2013

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Streaming Forum 2013, the new cutting-edge event by the team behind Streaming Media Europe, will focus on the streaming media game-changers that will continue to drive our industry to new heights in the coming years, with a special emphasis on key hot spots. Here we take a closer look at the Formats, Protocols and Standards track.

If you’ve paid any attention to the technical discussions surrounding online video in the last year, you know that MPEG-DASH and HEVC/H.265 are the buzzwords of the day. But are they just buzzwords, or do they really represent a sea change in how video is delivered via IP? This track will devote several sessions exclusively to MPEG-DASH and HEVC/H.265, along with exploring related topics such as encoding for multiple screens, closed captioning, and choosing enterprise-class and cloud encoders:

  • How to Encode for Multiple Screens
  • Case Study: How The BBC Ensured Live Streaming Resilience For The Olympics
  • Case Study: HBO Europe – A Broadcaster’s Guide to the TV Everywhere Universe
  • Practicalities of Putting Captions on IP-Delivered Video Content
  • How to Choose an Enterprise-Class Encoder
  • How to Choose a Cloud Encoder
  • DASH and HEVC: New Standards Enabling Ultra- High Quality Video Services
  • Media Server Application Trends
  • Leveraging MPEG-DASH for Enhanced Revenue Security
  • MPEG DASH & HEVC: Seeing Through the Hype
  • HEVC and OTT: Challenges and Perspectives
  • How (and When) to Incorporate H.265 into Your Publishing Workflows

More about the Formats, Protocols and Standards track.


Bird imageAbout Streaming Forum 2013

A new, cutting edge Conference for innovators, practitioners and decision makers 18-19 June in London

      • 30 panel sessions, how-to sessions and presentations in 3 tracks
      • Case studies and success stories from Bayer Benelux, BBC, Channel 4, Google, HBO Europe, London Olympics, Major League Baseball, Manchester City FC, NHS, Royal College of Surgeons, Topshop, UBS and more
      • Sponsor Showcase, Party, Networking, and Streaming Media’s European Readers’ Choice Awards!

Read more about Streaming  Forum here

Register here

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Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards – Finalists announced

RCA logoThe Finalists are announced for this year’s Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards and it’s been a banner year for both established names and up-and-comers with over 12,000 votes.

Below is the list of finalists in the 16 categories — the top three vote-getters in each category, in alphabetical order. The winners will be announced at the Streaming Forum drinks reception in London on 18 June.


Analytics/QOS solution

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Five Cool
  • Seachange Intl

Best Live Webcast 2013

  • Groovy Gecko
  • Showcaster
  • Vualto

Best Streaming Innovation 2012

  • Haivision
  • Ustream
  • Wowza

Cloud Video Service

  • Haivision HyperStream Live Cloud Transcoding
  • Ustream
  • Xstream MediaMaker

Delivery Network

  • Broadpeak
  • StreamZilla

Media Asset Management

  • Planet Enterprises
  • Simplestream
  • StreamUK

Mobile Video app or solution

  • Kaltura
  • LiveU
  • Realnetworks

Music & Audio Delivery solution

  • Grooveshark
  • Soundcloud
  • Wavestreaming

Online Video Platform

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Haivision
  • Sorenson

Server hardware/software

  • Thomson Video Networks
  • Wowza
  • Xstream

Streaming Services Provider

  • Haivision HyperStream Concierge – Live Event Transcoding & Internet Streaming Services
  • Livestream
  • Vimond Streaming Services

Transcoding solution

  • Haivision
  • Sorenson
  • Thomson Video Networks

TV over IP solution

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Wowza
  • Xstream

Video Advertising platform

  • Accedo Broadband
  • Gorillabox
  • Videoplaza

Video Discovery Service

  • Gravity
  • Redbee Media
  • Think Analytics

Webcast platform

  • Telestream
  • Vimond
  • Workcast
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Streaming Media Europe – Chairman’s Highlights Part 2

Streaming Media Europe takes place next month in London. Programme Director Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen shares the second installment of what he’s looking forward to at this year’s conference.

If you take a look at the agenda for the conference, you’ll notice a positive shift from previous years’ events. While we’ll still offer our fair share of panel discussions, the feedback from attendees has indicated less interest in ‘blue-sky’ theorising and a desire for more practically-focussed presentations. Continue Reading →

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Streaming Media Europe – Chairman’s Highlights Part 1

Streaming Media Europe takes place next month in London. Programme Director Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen tells us what he’s looking forward to at this year’s conference. Here’s the first installment.

I’m thrilled with the way this year’s programme came together. We’ve got two terrific keynotes, and a roster of top-notch panellists and presenters. Also, attendees have been asking for more ‘how-to” sessions, and we’ve delivered. I’m especially excited about these sessions in particular:

Streaming Media as an Essential Component to Broadcasting

As more viewers watch TV with mobile phone or tablet in hand, major broadcasters are finding ways to leverage online video as an important part of their overall engagement strategy. Kate Quilton from the UK’s Channel 4 will show how they’ve used streaming media as a companion to broadcast for major TV events across multiple platforms.

MPEG DASH: Opportunities and Impacts on Adaptive Streaming

As MPEG DASH emerges as an open, interoperable standard for adaptive streaming, it poses as many challenges as it does opportunities. We’ve got a great panel of speakers from Microsoft, Anevia, SyncTV, Interlake Media, and Ericsson ready to discuss and debate the impact MPEG DASH will have on online video’s future.

Streaming Media Europe 2012, 16-17 October (Preconference Workshops: 15 October), Olympia Conference Centre, London UK 


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Video: Automation and Workflow Solutions for Transcoding

While video consumption and distribution has grown exponentially in the past few years, converting and preparing this content for the digital realm was largely a ‘black art’ until recently, when several enterprise-grade solutions came onto the market. In this session from Streaming Media Europe 2009, panelists from organisations that are utilising those solutions talked about their cost and benefit to enterprises large and small.


  • Matt Smith, Senior Director, Systems Architecture and Strategy, Inlet Technologies


  • Martin Boronski, CTO, M6 Web
  • Jon Alexander, Manager, European Content Product Delivery, Level 3 Communications
  • Alex Nunes, Head of Media Services (iPlayer), BBC
  • Robert Senica, Manager Content Operations, SONY-DADC
  • Andy Wilson, Manager, Red Bee Media

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Video: Choosing an Encoding Tool

How do the top sub-$5,000 encoding tools compare in terms of encoding quality, speed and feature set? Find out in this presentation by Jan Ozer from the 2009 Streaming Media Europe event. Tools analysed include Adobe Media Encoder, Apple Compressor, Sorenson Squeeze, Telestream Episode Pro and Episode Engine, Microsoft Expression Encoder, and On2 Flix Pro.

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Streaming Media Europe Videos Now Available

Videos from all of the breakout sessions at this year’s Streaming Media Europe are now available here. Unfortunately, we’re not able to present videos of the keynote sessions, but if you take a look at the player, you’ll see that all 18 sessions are now online for viewing; you can also embed links to individual session videos on your own sites if you wish. I’ll be highlighting and discussing individual session videos in future posts.

Also, speaker presentations from the sessions and several of the pre-conference workshops are now available on the Streaming Media Europe programme page. If a particular presentation you’re looking for isn’t there, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to track it down.

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Live From Streaming Media Europe Later Today

Thanks to Stream UK and Global-MIX, we’ll be webcasting the closing session from Streaming Media Europe live from London at 16:15 GMT/4:15 p.m. EDT. The session, “What the Future Holds,” will feature Jake Ward from Broadview moderating and Mark Little from Ovum Research, and Dan Cryan from Screen Digest, two of the leading analysts of online video trends. 

They’ll be looking at what we should expect over the next few years in terms of technological advances, business challenges and opportunities, and audience demographics. Click here for the Windows Media webcast at 16:15 GMT/4:15 p.m. EDT.



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