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UK Mobile Video Audience Grows 262%

The UK mobile video audience grew by 262% in the year to December 2012 to more than 11 million, according to a report just released by comScore. During the same period the audience for video viewing across all online platforms also grew by 8%  to more than 37 million.

Not surprisingly, YouTube remains the top video destination, followed by Amazon and Facebook.

According to the report, the UK has the highest level of online engagement in Europe, with hours spent online increasing by 5% year on year and UK consumers each spending on average more than 37 hours online. Films and job search sites are the fastest growing content categories.

UK smartphone penetration stands at 64% but is increasing: 82% of phones acquired in December 2012 in the UK were smartphones, compared to 74% in December 2011. And more than 6 million Brits had both a smartphone and a tablet in December 2012. Looking at the five major European markets (Germany, UK, Italy, France, and Spain), the total mobile audience now numbers more than 240 million people, and smartphone penetration stands at 57%.

Other highlights include the finding that 15% of Europe’s 408 million internet users are in Russia where the internet audience grew 15% since December 2011, to more than 61 million.




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Disney: One Studio, Many Screens

Like most studios and media & entertainment companies, Disney is embracing the opportunities and rising to the challenges of getting its content to multiple screens and devices—PC, TV, set-top boxes, game consoles, and mobiles. Leading the charge for Disney is Myles MacBean, VP and general manager for Disney Online Europe Middle-East Africa, and he’ll be speaking on the topic next month in his keynote at Streaming Media Europe.

I had a chance to sit down with Myles for a video call using the ooVoo service, which offers free two-way video chat and premium options that allow for chats among up to six people. Myles and I talked about a wide range of topics, including:

  • The impact that Disney’s focus on youth audiences has on its multiple-screen strategy
  • The necessity of taking a holistic approach to the creation and delivery of multiple-screen content, and keeping multiple screens in mind from the beginning of the content creation process

Apologies for the slightly out-of-sync audio.

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    Record Attendance at Streaming Media East

    Just back from a terrific week in New York, meeting with readers and exhibitors. We had more attendees than ever before (well, at least since the heady pre-bubble days), with 3,733 registered for the two-day event. Larry Kless, who’s written for Streaming Media and has his own blog covering the online video industry, did my work for me (thanks, Larry), and collected links to as many of the news stories coming out about the show — check it out here.

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    iPlayer, Kangaroo JV, and More in 2008 Year-in-Review

    Jake Ward has written a dynamite retrospective looking at the key developments across Europe in the last year; you can find it on the site. In addition to talking about how the fortunes of the iPlayer in the U.K. offer a microcosm of the trends and challenges facing catch-up and IPTV across Europe, he also looks at the mobile landscape, particularly the troubles facing DVB-H.

    The article also appears in the 2009 Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook, due out in February. For your free copy and a subscription to Streaming Media magazine, click here.

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    Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook Coming in February

    We got such a positive response to the inaugural issue of the European Edition of Streaming Media magazine that we’re going quarterly in 2009, beginning with the 2009 Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook, which will publish in February. It’s our biggest issue of the year, and it includes comprehensive year-in-review articles looking at the most notable developments in 2008, as well as a look forward at what’s likely to come in 2009. It also includes case studies and a slew of how-to and buyer’s guide features, including the following:

    • Choosing a Camcorder
    • Selecting the Right Nonlinear Video Editor
    • Picking a Content Delivery Provider
    • The 2009 Video Encoder Shoot-Out
    • How to Add Closed Captions to Online Video
    • How to Generate Automatic Speech Transcripts in Flash Video
    • Making Sense of the H.264 Licensing Labyrinth
    • The Live Mobile Video Landscape

    Also featured are a roster of case studies from each of the major verticals: entertainment, education, enterprise, government, and advertising. You can subscribe to the magazine here, and if you’re interested in advertising, contact Sjoerd Vogt at sjoerd.vogt (at)

    Here’s a video that gives an even better sense of what the Sourcebook is all about.

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    Keynote Speaker Announcement #3: Volker Glaeser, Vodafone

    Have a look at these big numbers… US market research and consultancy firm, MultiMedia Intelligence, released a report yesterday estimating that global mobile video revenue will exceed $3.5 billion this year and $15 billion by 2012 (which includes direct pay and advertising streams). The Mobile TV and Video: Premium Content and Advertising Elevate the Phone Away From Just Voice report also highlights that:

    • Mobile TV ARPUs are much higher in North America and Europe than Asia due to the lack of free-to-air alternatives
    • Total Mobile TV and Video advertising revenue, including “Call to Action” advertising, will exceed $1 billion by 2012
    • With the combination of a large wireless subscriber base and free-to-air alternatives, Asia has the vast majority of mobile TV subscribers. By 2012, Asia will have two thirds of all mobile TV subscribers

    source: MultiMedia Intelligence

    Pretty amazing, isn’t it? While we leave the predictions and actual figures to the experts, here at Streaming Media Europe we have no doubt that mobile is a massive platform for streaming media, which is why we’re especially pleased to announce that our third keynote speaker is Mr Volker Glaeser, Director Internet Services & Global Head of Online at Vodafone.

    Based in Munich, Volker is responsible for building Vodafone’s eCommerce platform, distributing the company’s products via the Internet, and creating transaction-based online partnerships. He oversees the “Vodafone live!” content business including music, advertising and digital innovation initiatives like MobileTV and IPTV. In January 2007, he was appointed Global Online Program Head to lead the development of eCommerce, globally. In July, Volker was appointed to the Global Online Board. In March 2008, he became a member of the Global R&D Board.

    Volker GlaeserPrior to this executive role at Vodafone, Volker has held several leadership and management positions at pre-eminent technology companies, including Yahoo! Europe, Germany’s pay station Premiere, MSN, and Infoseek. Additionally, Volker is owner of Constream Ltd., a private equity company specializing in Internet and health businesses.

    And since I’ve had the pleasure to work with Volker in the past, I’d like to also add that he’s an infectiously energetic and strategically operational (really!) individual. It’s such a pleasure to work with him again and I hope you’re as excited as I am that he’ll be sharing his thoughts with all of us at the show. As always, if you have any questions for Volker in advance, just let us know and we’ll pass them along!

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