Video Provider Wanted

We’re looking for a company in London to video all of the keynote and sessions at Streaming Media Europe. We don’t need hosting, since we’ll be delivering the videos on demand after the show is over using our Brightcove account—see the Streaming Media East videos on the Streaming Media Global home page for an example. We just need an experienced company to shoot, edit, and encode the sessions and keynote speeches. If you’re interested, please contact me at for specs.

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On-Demand and Downloading Growing Faster Than TV Viewing in UK: eMarketer

eMarketer just posted some interesting findings indicating that 52% of respondents to a YouGov study sponsored by Redback say they’ve watched TV or other video online, and that most of them are doing it via internet TV services like the BBC iPlayer. Whatever problems the iPlayer might have had, people are clearly eager to embrace the time-shifting and convencience that internet TV offers.

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Call for speakers closed: Good news and bad news

After opening our call for speakers in mid-April, we’ve just closed the submissions period last week, and are really impressed with the amount and quality of submissions, suggestions and ideas received. Eric and I are going through all of them now, but at first glance, we’re really going to have a fantastic event — and that’s thanks mostly to all of you.

We received submissions from all of the countries in Europe (which may not be such a surprise), but also from as far away as Pakistan, Australia, and the United States, proving that our event in October is truly relevant to the global industry of streaming media and online video. The topics and papers proposed cover areas ranging from technology suppliers and components, to mobile-specific encoding and advertising streams, with content segments including sports, corporate, educational and UGC initiatives.

As these submissions clearly validate, streaming media really does now apply to any organisation’s overall digital media (online) strategy and vision, and most of the proposals are quick and specific to provide data points for the return of investment and how to approach this new channel of communicating with one’s shareholders, internal employees/colleagues, students, and other audiences.

So that’s all of the good news …!

On the other hand, the bad news is that this presents Eric and me with a pretty big challenge in having to sift through all of these fantastic ideas and try to slot them into our programme! We hope to have some of our ideas about how to do this firmed up over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, thanks again for all of your thoughts, ideas and submissions.

And finally, in case you haven’t seen it yet, before we got all of your input, we laid down our initial ideas which are reflected in our preliminary programme (pdf version here).

As always, let us know what you think!

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Streaming Media East Highlights and Recap

Last week’s Streaming Media East show in New York was by far the biggest show since our parent company, Information Today, purchased the Streaming Media property in 2002 — more than 3,500 attendees, 65 exhibitors, and more than two dozen conference sessions. Especially heartening was the number of visitors from outside the U.S., which bodes well for our Europe show coming up in October in London.

Not surprisingly, the hottest topics of discussion were high-definition video, user-generated video, and of course how to monetize any and all content. What stood out the most for me as I walked the floor and talked to attendees was just how many people were attending for the first time, coming in with a vague idea of what they were looking for and being blown away by the breadth and depth of the solutions being offered for delivering video online both to consumers and for enterprise communications. For a great example of just one of those “wow” moments, check out episode 16 of our Streaming Media podcasts, in which Jose Castillo and Tim Siglin speak with Steve Garfield about how he dazzled attendees by webcasting live from his mobile.

Of course, that points to one of the big differences between our U.S. shows and Streaming Media Europe, and one of the big differences between the U.S. market and the markets in the UK and Europe: Mobile traction stateside is nowhere near what it is in the UK and Europe, and so the Streaming Media Europe show will feature more sessions devoted specifically to mobile video, as well as a special Mobile Video Pavilion in the exhibit.

Clearly, though, awareness of and interest in online video solutions has reached critical mass, where we’re no longer simply preaching to the choir. Online video is accessible and affordable enough now that it’s finally appealing to potential users in every possible vertical and businesses of all types and sizes. This year’s Streaming Media Europe will be leaps and bounds beyond the last two years’, both in terms of size and scope.

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Hello, World!

Welcome to the Streaming Media Europe Conference 2008 Blog…

While you’re probably thinking that the last thing any of us needs is yet another blog, at least we can promise you that this one has a limited life span — and direct applicability to our upcoming event. We’ve started this blog as a place to focus on what’s happening within or affecting Europe in the world of streaming media as we plan, organise and prepare for our annual Streaming Media Conference, taking place this year on 16-17 October 2008 (with pre-conference workshops on 15 October) at Novotel London West, UK.

Basically, we wanted to start a dialogue with you for gathering and bouncing off ideas, comments, and thoughts as we start building off of our Advance Programme and getting details finalised for the conference.

But first things first — Introductions! “We” are Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen and Eileen Broch. Eric is based in the States and is editor of Streaming Media Global, and Eileen is based in London, where she is investment director for Ambient Sound Investments, non-executive director (board member) technology & innovation for The National Archives, and likes to stay on top of all high-tech, including streaming of course. Between the two of us, we hope we can cover what’s of interest to you and address all of your areas of interest across multiple time zones. For example, we look forward to giving you sneak peeks and early notices about our session announcements, speaker confirmations and other events related to the show.

More importantly, however, we want to hear ideas and comments — either positive or otherwise — from you regarding what you’d like to have covered at the conference, which speakers you want to hear from, and what you think are the most pressing topics to raise and address.

We look forward to getting to know you over these coming months and, of course, seeing you at the show. (Matter of fact, you can register right now here in order to save your spot right away). Watch this space, as there’s much more to come!

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