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Meet our Streaming Forum Speaker: Jason Thibeault


Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks, USA

Jason Thibeault, Senior Director, Marketing Strategy at Limelight Networks will be presenting the keynote session on Wednesday 19 June (9-10am), The Power of Storyshowing. He will also appear on a panel session, The Future of CDNs, half an hour later on the same day. Here he tells us a little bit about himself and what he will be talking about.


Tell us a little about you, your background and your current role.

I am currently the Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy at Limelight Networks and responsible for much of the way Limelight is positioned in the market.

What will you be talking about at Streaming Forum? Why have you chosen this subject?

Although a deep technologist at heart, I am also a storyteller. Schooled as a professional writer my love is storytelling. The great thing about the digital world is that it transforms storytelling. They aren’t just words anymore (or just video). Magical combinations of mediums can come together to create vibrant and interactive experiences. When you bring that to the business world you realize that everyone, even organizations, are trying to tell a story and it’s how we engage with each other. This really is where I spend my time.

In my keynote, The Power of Storyshowing, you’ll learn the 9 killer things you need to tell awesome stories with video. You’ll see examples of business stories that make us cry, make us laugh, and make us want to take action. You’ll leave with one key message burning in your mind: “I have to go tell my story.”

I will also be sitting on a panel talking about The Future of the CDNs. The CDN is really fascinating. As a market and a service it’s changing. It’s evolving because we are all realizing that delivery is just one component of getting that story to our audiences. I am fascinated by this evolution of CDNs from just dumb pipes to intelligent networks that can help organizations tailor content delivery into contextually-relevant experiences for their audience. That’s powerful.

Name some key challenges faced by your clients, and tell us how you are overcoming them?

Our clients are struggling with digital marketing, with engaging with their audiences, with their digital presence. Many of the systems they use to manage and publish websites, to manage and publish videos, to store objects, to deliver them, are all disconnected. That makes it really hard to tell a consistent story across all devices anywhere in the world so that they can maximize engagement (which is what they want as engagement leads to intimacy leads to conversion). We help them wipe away some of that complexity (let’s be honest, we aren’t a silver bullet for a problem this big) by making it easier to create, manage, and deliver an awesome digital presence through a single, cloud-based platform of integrated tools for their website, video, storage, delivery/performance, and analytics.

What do you see as major trends in streaming media?  

I see streaming media getting more personalized and more interactive. Obviously video is going to dominate content over the next five years. The data trajectory is incredible. But, just as websites transformed to dynamic, contextual experiences, so too will video. It can’t be just dumb. Discovery has to be smarter, it has to be linked to who I am, what I like, where I’ve been. This will require a lot of real-time data from both the player and the evolution of the CDN but the cloud resources are there now (i.e., Hadoop clusters and elastic computing) to acquire and process it. It’s just a matter of time before the content owners and the technologists begin to integrate that into the video experiences they have been building.

What’s the do you enjoy the most about your job in this industry?

Working with amazing clients, companies that are trying to reshape the way we tell, interact, and experience stories. Whether it’s stories about their company, or stories from the big screen, or stories about their customers, these organizations are transforming the web with their digital content and I get to be at the center of it all as part of Limelight.


Jason’s keynote, The Power of Storyshowing, takes place on Wednesday 19 June, 9.00-10.00.


The panel session, The Future of CDNs, is on Wednesday 19 June, 10.30 – 11.30.

The panel consists of:

Moderator: Dom Robinson, Co-Founder, Director. id3as & Contributing Editor, StreamingMedia.com, id3as, UK

Panellists: Jason Thibeault, Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy, Limelight Networks, USA, Stef van der Ziel, CEO, Jet-Stream, The Netherlands, Miles McWilliams, Head of Global Sales – IP Transit & CDN, Deutsche Telekom, UK, Mike Smith, Solutions Engineer, Edge Comuting & CDN Services, Mirror Image Internet, UK, and James Fletcher, Marketing Director, CDN.net,UK.

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The European CDN Market: Video

The European CDN market is quite different from the US CDN market, with more of an emphasis on Quality of Service than on pricing. This panel discussion from Streaming Media Europe 2010 breaks down the European market by the numbers and examines cultural, market and technological differences among the various regions within Europe. Finally, panellists discuss the varying services – CDNs, hosting providers and streaming providers – and how they fit into these regional differences.

Moderator: Stef van der Ziel, CEO, Jet-Stream
Roberto Bisconcini, CEO, WeStream
Nicolas Gaviola, Business Development Manager, Flumotion
Eric Matsgård, CEO, Qbrick
Dominic Monkhouse, Managing Director, PEER 1 Hosting
Chris Townsley, Director of European Sales, EMEA, Limelight Networks UK Ltd

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Announcing the Content Delivery Summit at Streaming Media Europe

One of the key differences between the online video industry in the U.S. and Europe lies in the different approaches to content delivery, which Nigel Regan outlined in depth in The State of the European Content Delivery Market last autumn. Because these differences are so pronounced, we’ve added a new one-day event at Streaming Media Europe called the Content Delivery Summit, a one-day conference will bring together content owners, infrastructure providers, and the financial community to discuss the business and technology of delivering video online.

Watch this space for more information about the event, but if you’ve got an idea for a panel session topic, the call for speakers is now open, and we look forward to seeing your submissions.

In the meantime, here’s video from a Streaming Media Europe 2009 session called “Will The Cloud Rain On The CDNs’ Parade,” which examines the state of the content delivery market in Europe, particularly as it relates to cloud services such as Amazon’s CloudFront.

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Video: CDN Market Size and Pricing Trends

All of the videos from last month’s Streaming Media East and Content Delivery Summit event are now online. Of particular note is Dan Rayburn‘s presentation, “CDN Market Size and Pricing Trends.” Most analysts and research reports that cover the CDN space don’t share their research methods, nor do they really share detailed numbers and pricing information. In the video below, Rayburn does, and it’s worth watching.

Our thanks to Quality Tech’s media services division who captured, edited and encoded all of the videos and to Brightcove for making their video platform available to StreamingMedia.com.

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Looking for Writer to Cover European CDN Space

We’re looking for an independent writer who’s familiar with the CDN space in Europe — the major players, the trends, the challenges, the opportunities, etc., as they relate specifically to the Europe market as distinct from other markets. Need someone to write a high-level article for the Autumn issue of the European edition of Streaming Media magazine. If you fit the bill, contact me directly.

The catch? You can’t work for a CDN.

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CDNetworks Begins Major European Push

CDNetworks announced today that it renewed its partnership with Toyota Spain to provide Flash streaming for the auto maker’s sales website. Normally, the announcement of a renewed contract wouldn’t be worth noting, but with CDNetworks’ recent merger with Panther Express, the content delivery network is making a push to become a major player in the European space.

Currently, CDNetworks has about 150 customers in Europe, according to VP of EMEA Robert Gribnau, with whom I spoke last week; he said the company hopes to double its European customer roster by the end of 2009. Right now CDNetworks has 17 data centers in Europe, but since some of those were Panther Express nodes, Gribnau said that number will actually decrease in the next few months to cut down on redundancy.

Gribnau also spoke to the challenges that the Korea-based company has faced moving into the European market after its successful entry into the U.S. market a couple years ago. “Most of the content generated in the U.S. has some general global appeal, whereas most of the content in European countries tends to be specific to that country, for language and cultural reasons,” he says. “So the challenge is that the market is so fragmented.” Beyond the language and cultural issues, he pointed to the differences in regulatory environments that mean a CDN can’t simply treat Europe as a single entity. “French labor law is different from British labor law, for instance,” he said, “and for security and confidentiality reasons, some content needs to be stored in and delivered to only the country in which it’s created.

We’ll be taking an in-depth look at the European content delivery space in the Autumn issue of Streaming Media magazine — get your free subscription here.

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BT Plans To Enter The CDN Industry By Year’s End, Will Build It Themselves

Dan Rayburn writes on his Business of Video blog on StreamingMedia.com :

Considering how many telcos and carriers have recently entered the market it should come as no surprise that BT plans to offer a content delivery service of their own by the end of this year. It’s been widely known that for some time now, BT has been looking at the CDN landscape evaluating how best to enter the market and it appears they have decided on a strategy.

Based on an interview they did this week with Informa Telecoms & Media, BT said that, “We believe that we can build our own CDN as effectively as reselling others solutions.” While this built it yourself approach by BT does not surprise me, unless BT only wants to have a regional CDN footprint, I think it’s the wrong approach. It is possible that BT may just focus on building out a European based CDN which would be a lot easier for them than trying to deploy a CDN with a global footprint. But if they want to service content owners who need delivery to all regions of the world, BT is going to have a really hard time playing catch up in the market. You can’t just throw a bunch of money at the problem. It takes a lot more than deploying lots of boxes to have a real CDN offering in the marketplace.

If BT only focuses on Europe, or even just the UK to start, they could have an offering out sometime this year that could be fairly well received. BT has a deep customer base to sell to and already has loads of infrastructure in place in the UK. If BT starts out small and stays regional, they could see some success with their offering beginning next year. But if they want to become a global content delivery network and think they can have something out in the market by the end of this year, that’s just not realistic.

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Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook Coming in February

We got such a positive response to the inaugural issue of the European Edition of Streaming Media magazine that we’re going quarterly in 2009, beginning with the 2009 Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook, which will publish in February. It’s our biggest issue of the year, and it includes comprehensive year-in-review articles looking at the most notable developments in 2008, as well as a look forward at what’s likely to come in 2009. It also includes case studies and a slew of how-to and buyer’s guide features, including the following:

  • Choosing a Camcorder
  • Selecting the Right Nonlinear Video Editor
  • Picking a Content Delivery Provider
  • The 2009 Video Encoder Shoot-Out
  • How to Add Closed Captions to Online Video
  • How to Generate Automatic Speech Transcripts in Flash Video
  • Making Sense of the H.264 Licensing Labyrinth
  • The Live Mobile Video Landscape

Also featured are a roster of case studies from each of the major verticals: entertainment, education, enterprise, government, and advertising. You can subscribe to the magazine here, and if you’re interested in advertising, contact Sjoerd Vogt at sjoerd.vogt (at) in4m.com.

Here’s a video that gives an even better sense of what the Sourcebook is all about.

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Streaming Media Europe Videos Now Available

Videos from all of the breakout sessions at this year’s Streaming Media Europe are now available here. Unfortunately, we’re not able to present videos of the keynote sessions, but if you take a look at the player, you’ll see that all 18 sessions are now online for viewing; you can also embed links to individual session videos on your own sites if you wish. I’ll be highlighting and discussing individual session videos in future posts.

Also, speaker presentations from the sessions and several of the pre-conference workshops are now available on the Streaming Media Europe programme page. If a particular presentation you’re looking for isn’t there, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to track it down.

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Jet Stream Named Readers’ Choice Award Winner

One of the highlights of Streaming Media Europe was presenting the first-ever Readers’ Choice Award for Regional (European) Content Delivery Network. The finalists were Global-MIX and Stream UK, both from the UK, and Jet Stream from the Netherlands. Showing the truly pan-European nature of the show, Jet Stream was the winner for its Streamzilla content delivery service. Congrats to Stef van der Ziel and everyone else at Jet Stream.

Next year, we’ll be presenting an entire awards program specifically focusing on the European market. Watch this space and the Streaming Media Global site for details to come!


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