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Streaming Media in Higher Education — Call for Chapters

I received an interesting email the other day about a new book to be published by Information Age looking at Streaming Media in Higher Education. Editors Charles Wankel of St. John’s University in New York and J. Sibley Law of the streaming media company Saxon Mills. It looks like a very useful book, and long overdue. Here’s the text of the email:

We are soliciting chapter proposals for this book on all topics related to streaming media in higher education.  Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) evaluation, interactive video, collaboration through video, new pedagogic vistas providing visualization in higher education, integration of streaming media within the gamut of other new media, digital video supported case-based teaching.

The book seeks to address questions such as: What roles do digital videos play in online and traditional students’ meaningful learning process? How does streaming media add to the development of university teaching across disciplines? What are the further implications? Etc.

Chapter submissions due April 16. Proposals should be at least 100 words, ideally more. Send them to both wankelc@stjohns.edu and sib@saxonmills.com .
Full chapter drafts we be due September 30, 2009.  We anticipate publication in December 2009. We have an excellent publisher lined-up for this volume.

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The 2009 Streaming Media Dream Team

dreamteamThe UEFA Cup Round of 32 is just about to begin, and Streaming Media magazine needs you to help us kick off our own contest, the inaugural Streaming Media Dream Team. We’re looking for you to nominate the top players in the online video game, whether they’re setting new standards for media and entertainment, innovating in the corporate or government sector, or offering new technologies and products that help end users play at the top of their game.

The first step in the process is for readers to submit their nominations. From the list of nominees, the Streaming Media magazine editors will narrow it down to the final Dream Team, which we’ll announce in the April/May 2009 issue of the magazine. If you want to nominate someone, please fill out the form here. Nominations must be submitted no later than February 17. Contact editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen at erics@streamingmedia.com with any questions.

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