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Corporate Communication Focus at Streaming Forum 2013

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Streaming Forum 2013, the new cutting-edge event by the team behind Streaming Media Europe,  will focus on the streaming media game-changers that will continue to drive our industry to new heights in the coming years, with a special
emphasis on key hot spots. Here we take a closer look at the Corporate Communication track.

It used to be that corporate video meant infrequent messages from the CEO or MD. No more. Successful corporations are now utilising online video as a crucial element of all of their communications efforts, whether one-to-many webcasts, video collaboration, marketing, branding, or chasing the elusive viral video success. Streaming Forum’s Corporate Communication track digs deep into all of these topics and more:

  • Case Study: Internal and External Video at Bayer Benelux
  • Case Studies: Droplet and AGCO–Successful Video Distribution and ROI
  • Successful Models for Webcasts and Webinars for Education and Training
  • Using Video to Strengthen Brand Identity and Corporate Culture
  • What Higher Education Can Teach the Enterprise
  • Case Study: Viral Video – Myth or Magic?


About Streaming Forum 2013

Bird imageA new, cutting edge Conference for innovators, practitioners and decision makers (18-19 June in London)

      • 30 panel sessions, how-to sessions and presentations in 3 tracks
      • Case studies and success stories from Bayer Benelux, BBC, Channel 4, Google, HBO Europe, London Olympics, Major League Baseball, Manchester City FC, NHS, Royal College of Surgeons, Topshop, UBS and more
      • Sponsor Showcase, Party, Networking, and Streaming Media’s European Readers’ Choice Awards!

Read more about Streaming  Forum here

Register here

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Meet our Streaming Forum Speaker: Simon Frusher

Simon Frusher TalkPoint smallSimon Frusher is a specialist in online video events – what this means and how to best ensure messaging is received and understood.  Here he talks about his panel session at Streaming Forum and his thoughts on the general trends in the industry.


Tell us a little about you, your background and your current role.

In 2010, I joined TalkPoint to run the EMEA operation in London, but I’ve been in the visual communication industry since 1989 and producing live webcasts for the last 16 years.

What will you be talking about at Streaming Forum? Why have you chosen this subject?

This year, I’m leading a great panel discussing corporate webcasting trends and how effective the medium is to an organisation’s culture and reputation. Since I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, I look forward to sharing my experiences and insight with the Streaming Media audience.

Name some key challenges faced by your clients, and tell us how you are overcoming them?

We have a wide-ranging client base across a number of sectors with different needs from locked-down security to taking a video feed from a CEO’s desktop. Our webcasting technology provides the ideal solution to suit our clients’ needs from fully-managed events through to self service options-the end game always being the same-quality and reliability.

What do you see as major trends in streaming media?  

Delivery to mobile devices and the move to self-service webcasting technology is definitely still on the rise, even though that’s been standard for TalkPoint for a few years now. More clients having a diversity of video acquisition end points is another major trend in streaming media.

What’s the do you enjoy the most about your job in this industry?

I enjoy providing the webcasting technology that enables our clients to reach audiences that they would have previously been unable to communicate with due to geographic location and the speed of delivering an impactful message.


Simon will be moderating the session  (Tuesday 18 June 2013 16.00-17.00). The rest of the panel consists of: 

Matthew Misik, Head of Audio Visual, The Royal College of Surgeons of England — UK
Peter Rugg, AV Consultant, UBS — UK
Nevil Bounds, Sales Director, Feltech — UK
Chris Lloyd, Technical Director, 27partners — UK
Kevin McLoughlin, Audio Visual Manager, One Wimpole Street, The Home of the Royal Society of Medicine and Chandos House – UK 

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Presenters Needed for Video Format/Encoders and Webcasting Workshops

We’re looking for Europe-based presenters for the following sessions at Streaming Media Europe, both on Wednesday 15 October:

Comparing Video Formats and Encoding Tools, 10.00-13.00: This updated workshop is a crash course to help you evaluate and select the right delivery format for your content. Attendees will see direct comparisons of the latest streaming media formats and codecs, including Flash, QuickTime/MPEG-4, RealMedia, and Windows Media, and objectively evaluate and quantify the pros and cons of each format. A comparison of encoding applications will also be discussed to help you choose the tools to get the best-quality results for your content.

Webcasting Essentials, 14.00-17.00: Work through the five phases of a webcast—planning, production, encoding, authoring, and distribution. To add to your real experience, the workshop itself is treated as a webcast, with the goal to webcast live from the workshop. This workshop covers production techniques and encoding hardware and software including the Windows Media Encoder and RealProducer. Workshop attendees are encouraged to participate in the webcast production to get the full “live” rush.

If you’re interested, please send an email to erics@streamingmedia.com along with a CV or list of your credentials. We’re looking for someone with solid presentation skills as well as hands-on experience in the subject areas. 



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